Top Rotimatic Dealers in India

Rotimatic is one of the most advanced devices that can help in preparing of dishes and rotis. It is well-equipped with all advanced features so that the user can smoothly handle it. It will give you fresh and soft rotis within a short time. If you once start using a roti maker you will never love to use any other devices in the future. It connects to the internet and has all sort of updated features. This is something amazing about the rotimaker. However, you must always try to buy from the best brands. It will give you a better service.

Top Rotimatic Dealers in India

rotimaticHere are some of the best top rotimatic dealers in India. Let us proceed to the central part of our discussion.

AV Engineering works:

It is one of the best dealers in India. They are verified exporters. The dealers have also earned good fame and reputation by manufacturing quality products. The dealer produces rotimatic tools that are automatic. You can easily operate it without any prior instructions and information.

Jayendra Engineering works:

Another authentic dealer of rotimatic is Jayendra engineering works. The dealer started its journey in the 2011. The company is located in Rajkot. It is also one of the most essential exporters of roti maker products. The company never compromises with the quality. It always try to give the best while manufacturing the products.

Lakshmi Engineering works:

Another important and renowned rotimaker dealer in India is Lakshmi Engineering works. The company manufactures various types of other kitchen equipments. All these equipments are necessary for daily kitchen use. The quality of the rotimaker is so nice that you will love to use it for an extended period. It comes with automatic features that are easy to operate.

Naya Gadget Retail LLP:

If you look for an authentic rotimaker it can be the best one in the list. The company started its operation in the year 2015.It started its journey as a LLP. The company is located in Chennai. It produces all sorts of devices that are useful and essential for the people. The quality of the products that are manufactured by the company is nice. You will love to use the products under this brand. The design of the rotimaker under this brand is nice and attractive. It is made by keeping in mind the modern taste and look of the people. It is an easy to use device.

Thus, you can get various dealers in the market who produce quality products and rotimaker. In the present time, it is hard to give more time in the kitchen for preparing rotis. But with the help of a roti-maker you can produce fresh, delicious and soft rotis. The advanced roti makers are best and convenient to use. On the other part, it is best if you buy the product from these authorized dealers. They will give you all probable services and guarantees. It will be a wise decision to buy such an essential kitchen product.

How to Draw a Picture in Grinding Stone?

You must be anxious to know about the exact way to draw pictures in a grinding stone. However, you can use several tools and devices to draw a picture in a grinding stone. You need to follow the steps accordingly. It is not a big deal to deal with the tools for drawing a picture in a grinding stone. A wide range of tools are used for the drawing purpose.

How to draw a picture in a grinding stone?

draw a picture in a grinding stoneA wide range of materials is used to draw and paint in a grinding stone. These tools contain grease that gets absorbed in the top-layer of the stone. You may have seen that many people are using lithographic crayons and rubbing block to draw a picture in a grinding stone. The moment you finish the drawing, you have to use a French chalk for drawing the outline or border.

This outline will also protect the drawing during processing. So, it is mandatory to use an outline. Otherwise all your drawing will go vain. The French chalks are the most reliable and trusted one in this case. You should use it for a better painting.

The processing of the stone entirely depends on the materials you are using to outline the painting. It also depends upon the amount of grease that is present in the tool. The stone is processed with the help of gum Arabic. Sometimes, you can also find small amount of nitric acid on the tool. Why is the gum used in a picture drawing of grinding stone? It is mainly given to chemically separate the image and non-image areas.

However etching the stone is very essential. Another important step required while drawing a picture is washing the painting. It is an vital step because it helps in removal of the drawing and replacing it with a dry black ink.

Other essential steps:

While you are taking the first proof from the stone just keep in mind that the image will not print to its full form till its tenth form. So, you have to print it till it gets a proper picture. The stone is first washed and rolled up. It is washed with turps. You can roll the ink on the stone, when it is damp. The first prints are taken on the newsprints. While this process is continued the paper is laid.

Lithography is a wonderful paint and work. It is loved by a lot of people. You must have observed the various stone works that were found in the ancient period. They are so beautiful that words fail. With the advancement of technology and skills it is now easy to draw any picture on the stone. You need to have proper tools and devices. You must also have the accurate knowledge of properly handling the tool.

Stone painting is such an art that will never lose its importance with time. Some more new devices will be introduced that will make the work much easier and smoother.

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Which are the Best Construction Companies in Chennai?

Chennai is a very old city and is known for its technologies and construction works. The city was originally known as Madras Patnam. Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. This city is one of the fourth largest metropolitan cities in India. You will feel good to know that Chennai Metropolitan Area or CMA comprises of 8 municipalities, 11 town panchayats and 179 village panchayats. This city is also the home of many construction companies. If you want to buy a property in Chennai you have ample options. You will get several such companies who are dealing with real-estate matters.

Top 5 construction companies in Chennai

construction companies


Here you will learn about top construction companies of Chennai.

  • Cormomondel engineering Company Limited is a very old and renowned construction company that was formed in the year 1947. The company is engaged with the work of construction works for ages. This company is a part of Murugappa group. It was the first construction company that introduced the concept of pre-engineered metal building in India. Some of the landmark buildings that were constructed by this company were Hotel Chola Sheraton, Hotel Holiday Inn and many other ones.
  • Another noted construction company of Chennai is Eversendai. It was formed in the year 1984. This company is an expert one not only in the field of real-estate but it has constructed lot of oil and gas plants. Its work is not only confined within the Indian borders but many western countries have started accepting their work. These countries are highly satisfied with their work. One of the recent works of this company was the construction of the Hamad International Airport. The company has a team of 15,000 dedicated workers.
  • If you look for an excellent housing and residential complex in Chennai, you can try the buildings of Doshi housing. It is another renowned construction company of Chennai. The company was established 38 years back. The company has given smile to 3600 families by erecting wonderful and affordable housing Complexes. The company always tries to deliver quality work to the customers. For them, customer satisfaction is the primary thing.
  • Arun Excello is another one in the list. It has achieved great success and achievement in the field and industry of real-estate. The satisfaction of the customers is the primary motive of the company. It never comprises with it under any situation. It always tries to make premium homes and compact homes for its customers. The construction style of the company is different from the other ones. This is why it is preferred by most buyers. The company has also collected ample awards and recognitions through his hard work.

Thus, above are some of the renowned construction companies of Chennai. These companies are engaged with the task of erecting wonderful constructions for a long time. They have also received numerous awards for its good-quality work. If you want to buy a property in Chennai, you can select any one from the list.

About CDOT – Centre for Development of Telematics

You all must have heard about CDOT or Centre for Development of Telematics. The body was established in the year 1984 as an autonomous body. This body is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The body is entrusted with the work of designing developing and producing telecom technologies that are suited for the Indian landscape. This body has done a lot for the development of Indian Telecom Network’s digitalization. It is one of the most essential telecom bodies who need special appreciation and attention for its quality and dedicated work.


What are the best works of CDOT?

You will feel good to know about the achievements and works of CDOT. Let us try to explore some of the noted ones.

  • Launch of Gyan Setu and Maxng technologies is one of the most noted ones in this part. It is an internet based real-me ICT system that was designed by CDOT. It provides good service to the rural population of the country. The demand of Maxng technology is also felt by the technological industry. It is a next generation network that helps in smooth transition from old telephonic system to NGN based voice over IP.
  • The launch of broad band service is another great work that has been introduced by the CDOT Company. Through this service people could enjoy high speed, long distance and wi fi facility. This system helped in the development of internet in the hilly areas. Many unconnected villages got connected with this system. Thousands and lakhs of families were benefitted through this development.
  • You will feel good to know that CDOT has also designed Terabit Router. Honorable Ex-Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad inaugurated this system. It was inaugurated on 14TH October, 2014. It was a great development in the telecom industry.

Sets of awards and recognitions:

You must now know about the series of awards and recognitions that the company has been awarded with. It is a matter of prestige for the company to receive and accept the recognitions. In the year 2019, the company received AEGIS Graham Bell award. The award was given for the innovative telecom product. In the year 2018, the company also received the WBA industry award. It is one of the most prestigious awards for Wireless Broadband Alliance. The wireless internet system was introduced in the remote part of the country. It also received the Golden Peacock Award in the year 2018 at Dubai. Not only this, but the company has received numerous awards for the CDOT products.

CDOT Full form = Centre for Development of Telematics

It was a great prestige and honor for the company and its officials to receive a set of awards. The company did a lot for the improvement of the telecom industry and sector. It always works for the improvement of the country so the internet can reach each and every people. The company is said to be a perfect and one stop solution for internet. It uses robust technology that can work in extreme environmental conditions. It is a great merit of the company that needs special appreciation.