Which are the Best Construction Companies in Chennai?

Chennai is a very old city and is known for its technologies and construction works. The city was originally known as Madras Patnam. Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. This city is one of the fourth largest metropolitan cities in India. You will feel good to know that Chennai Metropolitan Area or CMA comprises of 8 municipalities, 11 town panchayats and 179 village panchayats. This city is also the home of many construction companies. If you want to buy a property in Chennai you have ample options. You will get several such companies who are dealing with real-estate matters.

Top 5 construction companies in Chennai

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Here you will learn about top construction companies of Chennai.

  • Cormomondel engineering Company Limited is a very old and renowned construction company that was formed in the year 1947. The company is engaged with the work of construction works for ages. This company is a part of Murugappa group. It was the first construction company that introduced the concept of pre-engineered metal building in India. Some of the landmark buildings that were constructed by this company were Hotel Chola Sheraton, Hotel Holiday Inn and many other ones.
  • Another noted construction company of Chennai is Eversendai. It was formed in the year 1984. This company is an expert one not only in the field of real-estate but it has constructed lot of oil and gas plants. Its work is not only confined within the Indian borders but many western countries have started accepting their work. These countries are highly satisfied with their work. One of the recent works of this company was the construction of the Hamad International Airport. The company has a team of 15,000 dedicated workers.
  • If you look for an excellent housing and residential complex in Chennai, you can try the buildings of Doshi housing. It is another renowned construction company of Chennai. The company was established 38 years back. The company has given smile to 3600 families by erecting wonderful and affordable housing Complexes. The company always tries to deliver quality work to the customers. For them, customer satisfaction is the primary thing.
  • Arun Excello is another one in the list. It has achieved great success and achievement in the field and industry of real-estate. The satisfaction of the customers is the primary motive of the company. It never comprises with it under any situation. It always tries to make premium homes and compact homes for its customers. The construction style of the company is different from the other ones. This is why it is preferred by most buyers. The company has also collected ample awards and recognitions through his hard work.

Thus, above are some of the renowned construction companies of Chennai. These companies are engaged with the task of erecting wonderful constructions for a long time. They have also received numerous awards for its good-quality work. If you want to buy a property in Chennai, you can select any one from the list.

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