How to Draw a Picture in Grinding Stone?

You must be anxious to know about the exact way to draw pictures in a grinding stone. However, you can use several tools and devices to draw a picture in a grinding stone. You need to follow the steps accordingly. It is not a big deal to deal with the tools for drawing a picture in a grinding stone. A wide range of tools are used for the drawing purpose.

How to draw a picture in a grinding stone?

draw a picture in a grinding stoneA wide range of materials is used to draw and paint in a grinding stone. These tools contain grease that gets absorbed in the top-layer of the stone. You may have seen that many people are using lithographic crayons and rubbing block to draw a picture in a grinding stone. The moment you finish the drawing, you have to use a French chalk for drawing the outline or border.

This outline will also protect the drawing during processing. So, it is mandatory to use an outline. Otherwise all your drawing will go vain. The French chalks are the most reliable and trusted one in this case. You should use it for a better painting.

The processing of the stone entirely depends on the materials you are using to outline the painting. It also depends upon the amount of grease that is present in the tool. The stone is processed with the help of gum Arabic. Sometimes, you can also find small amount of nitric acid on the tool. Why is the gum used in a picture drawing of grinding stone? It is mainly given to chemically separate the image and non-image areas.

However etching the stone is very essential. Another important step required while drawing a picture is washing the painting. It is an vital step because it helps in removal of the drawing and replacing it with a dry black ink.

Other essential steps:

While you are taking the first proof from the stone just keep in mind that the image will not print to its full form till its tenth form. So, you have to print it till it gets a proper picture. The stone is first washed and rolled up. It is washed with turps. You can roll the ink on the stone, when it is damp. The first prints are taken on the newsprints. While this process is continued the paper is laid.

Lithography is a wonderful paint and work. It is loved by a lot of people. You must have observed the various stone works that were found in the ancient period. They are so beautiful that words fail. With the advancement of technology and skills it is now easy to draw any picture on the stone. You need to have proper tools and devices. You must also have the accurate knowledge of properly handling the tool.

Stone painting is such an art that will never lose its importance with time. Some more new devices will be introduced that will make the work much easier and smoother.

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